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How To Stay Young

Seif Chiropractic is now offering a very informative and life changing talk that focuses on what you can do to "stay young." This class is loaded with facts that will make you change your perception of what health is. In this 30 minute long talk, topics such as diet, medical advancements, and the growing need for Chiropractic care will be discussed. According to the University of Texas, we are going to experience a new age ceiling due to medical advancements. Living to be 100 years or older will be common, with that being said it is now more important than ever that we take care of ourselves. Quality of life is everything, and extra years added to your life should be looked at as a blessing not a curse. In order to make that happen proper education, as well as spine care is critical. The health of your spine , along with diet, are two factors that greatly impact mobility into old age. If this class is something that interests you, make sure to reserve your spot at the front desk. The classes take place on Thursday at 6:00 P.M. and includes a complementary 15 minute massage that can be scheduled whenever you would like.

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