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Here's What Our Patients Are Saying...

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about my experience with Dr. Eric Seif and Seif Chiropractic. I have been struggling for over three years (since just after my bypass operation) with something keeping my left ankle from working properly. My (corporate medicine MD) wanted to send me to:

a) physical therapy that would have cost me a $370.00 co pay to walk in the door the first day.
b) Referred me to a Podiatrist who (being a good corporate medicine MD) wanted to send me to have a PAD test before he would be able to do anything for me. Mind you he never touched my ankle or foot just wanted to do his masters bidding and send me out to another corporate doctor.

I went to see Dr. Seif and my ankle and foot were working better when I left the office that day. After a few visits I am to the point where I barely notice any problems. I will be able to move again and I hope this allows me to loose the weight I gained when I could barely walk.

Thank You Dr. Seif.

-Steve Gilbert

Amazing is the only way to explain it. Anyone who thinks chiropractors are a joke clearly have never meet dr Seif and his team of incredibly talented staff.

-Jason Holton

I've been a patient here since December 2016. I had a lot of neck pain, and was having a hard time sleeping. Since I started getting adjustments I'm feeling much better. I also have regular massages with Sara, and I know the combination of the two has helped me immensely.

-Elizabeth G.